Description Paper
Bell bags
Easily stands upright on counter while loading or unloading YES YES
Loads in the traditional manner used by baggers for over a century YES YES
Recyclable YES YES
REUSABLE – can be reused many, many times. Keeps bags out of landfills NO *YES
Dispensing system options that provide EFFICIENT use of counter space and labor, both for initial usage AND reuse of ALL bag types NO YES
Resists tearing NO YES
Resists moisture when bag is used and is hand washable NO YES
Most versatility in aftermarket usage
Bag can be any color. Can be printed with bright vibrant graphics NO YES
Best for the environment, least carbon footprint NO YES
Favorable economics, all factors considered NO YES
*Meets California, Chicago, New York, Puerto Rico, Texas, Oregon, and most other bag ban laws

Truck/warehouse/utilization comparison
Initial shipment of 704,000 bags* If NOAXE bags are only reused 4 times* and paper is replaced 4 times
*704,000 NOAXE bags are in one truckload,
160,000 handled paper bags are in one truckload
*NOAXE bags are designed to be reused 125 times
Bag type Usable capacity*
Bell bags 1008 cu. in."
Paper bag w/o handles 976 cu. in."
Handled paper bags 976 cu. in."
*based on handles closing together
  NOAXE Bell Bags

Harms no trees or wildlife


Plastic alternatives