The multi-functional, all-purpose systems

with Handle-Lock™ makes your front end MORE efficient than it was before

Dispense bags one-at-a-time
from a space-saving dispenser
Pop up dispenser
Bag mouth easily opens,
bag stands up to load in seconds
Loads like paper the first time,
and every time the bag is reused
Convenient dispensers
fit all checkout counters
Dispensers for all bag types and all checkout counters.
Load all bags fast with our
unique multi-purpose dispensers
View all dispensing options

Versatile/flexible dispensers
Ergonomic dispensers maximize counter space and labor efficiencies for all counter types
Many so-called reusable bags can
actually be quite difficult to reuse
They don't stand up well, lack rigidity,
are improperly sized, handles often
collapse inwards, slowing checkout
NOAXE Bell Bags - very EASY/FAST to use and reuse

Dispensers fit all checkout counters
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Handle-Lock™ makes all reusable bags easy to load

Be aware of the BOOMERANG effect

Reusable bags are meant to be REUSED. The bags any given retailer promotes at its checkout lanes are quite likely to RETURN to those checkout lanes. While customers can walk in with almost any style of bag obtained from almost anywhere, the majority of shoppers are likely to return to their favorite store with bags obtained from THAT store.

If those bags are designed with the right size and dimensions—and engineered for maximum utility and efficiency—those benefits will be repeated over and over again each time the bag is reused.

Any particular bag or dispensing system deficiencies will also be repeated over and over again. This can cause multiple inefficiencies during the checkout process, which increases operational costs.

Making the the right choice now will also be the right choice later!

Consumers appreciate how NOAXE bags are compactly stored, easily carried, and used
6-8 NOAXE bags easily fit in a purse,
glove box, shopping cart, etc., etc.
6 non-woven handle bags:
Got the wrong bags? Dispensers?
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