Make your front end more efficient than it was before



Patented pop-up technology, space-saving dispenser cartons,
and the Handle-Lock system fit all checkout counters.

Pop-up dispenser carton Fixed dispenser Portable dispenser
NOAXE Bell Bags automatically pop open when dispensed saving 5-8 seconds. The open bag stands up, loads like paper, only better.
Affixes to any bulkhead or atop a flat surface. Bags easily open in a stand-up disposition speeding up check-out.
Portable dispensers may be used on any countertop and never interfere with loading other types of reusable bags.

Handle-Lock™ - stand up any reusable bag in 1 second!

Soft loop handle bags collapse inward and are difficult to load. They easily stand up/load with Handle-Lock.
Poorly configured wavetop bags are difficult to fill and fall over. Handle-Lock makes it easy.
No matter what length handles a non-woven bag has, it works on the NOAXE dispenser!
Even T-shirt bags stand up in 1 second and are faster to load. No cumbersome rack interferes.
Dispensing options fit all countertops.


*Meets California, Chicago, New York, Puerto Rico, Texas, Oregon, and over 250 bag ban laws